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smooth confident storytelling

"Jennifer provides a nuanced narration that perfectly mirrors the character’s journey—gentle, compassionate, anxious, and full of joy...

Provides spot-on comedic relief."
-Library Journal


Storytelling has always had a central place in my life. My mother read to me every day, and when family gathered we would sing old hymns and folk songs about love, hard times, and heaven's pearly gates. As a child, I would create characters with their own backstory and inner life, and spend hours acting out their adventures. Showchoir, community theater, dance, talent shows: it really did feel like all the world was a stage.


I've been bringing characters off the page and onto film for years as a model for my book-illustrator husband, J.K. Potter. Now, as a narrator, I get to use my storytelling skills to continue to be part of the great story telling tradition. My smooth tone and confident grasp of character and pacing help build the connection between the story and the listener.

I live in Oregon, and when not behind the mic I can usually be found reading, drinking tea, metalsmithing, playing the mountain dulcimer, or sitting under a tree and daydreaming.​​​


"Narrator Jennifer Pickens breathes life into Brammer's debut novel...Pickens gives Clover a voice that is distant and uncomfortable with everyday interactions but compassionate and empathetic with her dying clients. The grandfather who raised her; her elderly neighbor, Leo; and her current client, Claudia, have voices filled with love and wisdom."


-Audiofile review of The Collected Regrets of Clover


3 Poems by Dorothy Parker


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  • Sennheiser MK4

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

  • Studio One

  • iZotope RX8

  • Professional Sound Treatment


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